Economic awareness is important.

Mitwaiver Software

Economic saving
No operator needed
Save Time

Eco-friendly product

A few clicks within everyone’s reach.




  Less cost.

With Mitwaiver Software, Savings are NO longer a sacrifice.

Mitwaiver Improve

Saving  time and money is a very important concept, especially when viewed within the current economic contest. Saving means setting aside resources and therefore having the possibility of consuming more in the future.

Mitwaiver Simplifies

The quality of time

Simplifying spaces and processes means increasing efficiency and taking less time to do a job.

It also means increasing the quality of time, work and quantity of personnel necessary for the management of your service.

More safe with Mitwaiver


Imagine Mitwaiver managing your security, data collection and photos in a single click, you can know who has used your service, who has accessed your building, who has stamped the daily presence etc.

Mitwaiver manage for you.

Smart and eco-sustainable management.

The management of security policies, privacy, disclaimer, explicit authorization to take photos and gather information, of your company, service etc. is it a minefield?

Are you tired of piling up unnecessary pieces of paper? can give you the peace of mind you deserve, collecting for you all the information that will be sent directly to your cloud space, cutting personnel costs and waste such as paper, ink etc. – an eco-friendly system

Automatized data collection.
Directly in your cloud account.

Made in Italy Quality.
Customizable for every kind of services.

How you can apply Mitwaiver Software?

Simplicity for everybody.