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  • Signature
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Defend yourself from risks quickly and without stress, with the Intelligent technology.

At which process can Mitwaiver software to be equipped with?

Important information : you can use Mitwaiver software as an attendance detector with personalized badge, or as a payment collection system with customizable smart cards.
Credit card reader systems
Electronic World Banknote Readers etc.
Attendance detectors.
Electronic and comparative coin acceptors.
Customizable Smart Card Systems.
Pos and electronic input payment systems.

Mitwaiver Software, can be connected to all services that can be provided by automatic release, Mitwaiver sent an electrical input to the service apply.The service it is provide only after completing the Mitwaiver process : collected all the data (privacy, photo, signature, etc.) and  Payment or confirmation of the Badge swipe.

Collected all information Mitwaiver sent the electrical input to provide the service.

Mitwaiver is integrated and successfully implemented in numerous industries and applications. Our customized automation solution increases efficiency, reduces staff time and costs!

Attendance detector and employee control.

Attendance detector access and control employees of public services, hospitals etc.
Bike rental and services with automated release.
Games with automated start.
Data collection and payments for access to amusement arcades and amusement parks
Data collection and payments of crew, travelers for access at Cruise Line, Flight atc.


Automated Beverage Dispensers.
Access detector, data collection and payments for concerts, shows etc.
Automated car washes
Access to swimming pools, gyms, sports centers, stadiums etc.
Food dispensers automation.
Distributori automatizzati servizi di vario genere.


Access detector, data, payments for office, public office, building etc.
Pagamento e raccolta dati per parcheggi.
Data collection and payments for access to amusement arcades and amusement parks.
Charging stations.
Automated openings and accesses.
Access detector, data, payments for fairs,exhibitions, museums, events, concerts etc.

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