Mitwaiver Software data collection, waivers digital release & automation. 

(Mitwaiver software data collection, waivers digital release & automation.) 
  • Less thoughts, more security.
  • Mitwaiver provide the final services through an electronic input.
  • No need an operator to provide service or collect data.
  • Data collection: Privacy, Discharge of Liability, Explicit Consent Photos etc.
  • Best software to apply automatic machines, and more generally for automation.
  • Helpfully to collect millions of data, in short time.
  • Easier for the user.
  • All documents stored in your account.

Make a structural change, choose Mitwaiver for waive liability & deliver your services.

Why Choose Mitwaiver? 

is the only versatile and customizable software able to: collect data, sign documents, take photos, accept payments, and provide services without the need for an operator.

Millions of Waivers Signed and Stored in short time, make your workplace easier and safe

Automatized data collection.

Directly in your cloud account.

Made in Italy Quality.

Customizable for every kind of services.

What Types of Agreements Can Mitwaiver Facilitate?
Any agreement that you need, the process it is simple chose one of the Agreements, Multiple Agreements, or Customized Agreements and we load perfect waiver for you.
Mitwaiver Software is an Automation Module built and designed for Your business, to meet daily needs, providing services.
No Operator need.

Which systems and automation solutions can Mitwaiver software module  to be connected?

Detection of entries and attendances at official offices such as: police headquarters, police, parliament, congresses etc. Automated car washes.
Data collection, attendance, payments, access to amusement arcades and amusement parks.
Paid games with automated start.
Attendance detector and employee control.
Access to swimming pools, gyms, sports centers, stadiums etc.
Discover Here.
Automation systems for Charging stations, Food dispensers etc.
Bike and equipment rental with automated release.
Access detector, data collection and payments for concerts, shows etc.
Data collection, attendance, payments, access to crew and travelers of cruise line flight etc.
Data collection, attendance, payments, access to all type of access automized.
Time, Money it is a priority.
Choose an Eco-Friendly Product.

The future in your Hands.